Xeriscaping and Its Benefits

When looking out for how you can transform your desert landscape, you will need to understand what Xeriscaping means and what advantage you stand to get if they are adopt into your desert landscaping idea. Understanding the concept behind it will enlighten you more on how its process can improve your desert landscape project. Let’s take a look at what Xeriscaping is.7-09 landscape pictures 016

Xeriscaping is a type of dry landscaping or desert landscaping. Although xeriscaping is dry landscaping, the actual idea of xeriscaping does not limit itself to desert climates. Due to the rise in environmental consciousness, more innovative ideas to live green are being generated. Which also applies to the landscaping industry.

It offers a great way to save water and energy. With xeriscaping there is little to no use of water, there isn’t a lot of grass to mow so there is no extra fuel or energy consumption, and it is generally easy on the environment as you would just be using natural materials that are common in your area and these materials don’t require any sort of fertilizers or harmful pesticides. In the remaining part of this article, we will be discussing at the benefits of Xeriscaping.

  1. It saves you money! Many consumers balk at the initial price of redoing their landscaping, but it begins to pay off immediately. By converting to native vegetation, you will see immediate savings on your water bill every month. These add up quickly. In addition, many native plants are perennials, which mean you will not need to buy new seeds every year, and because these plants are well adapted to the local environment you will also not need to worry about fertilizing and tilling.
  2. Offers support to the environment. This is really one of the most important benefits of xeriscaping. Everyone who lives in California is dependent on the local water supply and ecosystems, and the state is burning through those resources at an alarming rate. Water consumption is much higher than the climate can support. Xeriscaping goes a long way to conserving water. In addition, it supports the local fauna including several endangered species of bees and wasps which are critical to pollinating plants.
  3. It is attractive as well as practical. California has a wide variety of absolutely gorgeous native plants, including brilliantly-colored wildflowers, flowering bushes and exotic cacti. There are also a variety of grass substitutes available, including artificial turf that mimics a lawn, but requires little maintenance, and native ground cover which provides a unique and beautiful alternative to a traditional lawn. With a little creativity xeriscaping can be designed to fit any taste

The points discussed in this article are few among the many more benefits you stand to gain if you adopt Xeriscaping into your landscaping ideas. Contact us today for any of your desert landscaping.

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